Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Greed is God

From Mother India

Thanks to all of you who left comments on my previous blog post.

Brainstorming with my friend John Purkiss
have had a few Eureka moments today. I wanted to share the first of these with you just now.

To Earth Mother
 Having spent the first 26 years of my life in India in the bosom of the spiritual centre, which the western world has long been fascinated with, I left to cure my wanderlust. And as I return every year I am wonderstruck by the changes. Over the dinner table with my parents, at lunch at the brand new Thai restauarant with friends, on the trip to Goa with siblings, the inevitable topic that dominates every conversation is how to make money on the stock market, how to make money buy booking apartments off plan and then selling on appreciation, how to build assets in order to start a new business to make more money to buy another house.... you get it! Greed is God and it is here, now in India.

And here in London, since the day I arrived, the hot topic of discussion has always been how to leave the city for the countryside, how to retire and travel, how to downsize in order to find true meaning in life, how to eject out of the day job to pursue that elusive passionate dream of doing what one truly loves. Do you know the true reason behind the real estate obsession in the UK? Surely it is to sell up, make money and move to start a bar in  Spain or  is Everyone you meet in London is either learning to meditate or trying a new self help book or retraining to be a life coach, or a yoga teacher or a psychotherapist. Now you know why you are surrounded by psychics!

You could say the West is the New East and vice versa. A hot tip for you is this is definitely the time to invest in Emerging markets such as India for long term Economy Quotient growth. But if you want to invest in Emotional Quotient, the heart factor, that something intangible which makes you feel connected to yourself factor, well you are in the right place. London I believe is the most Mind-Body connected capital of the world right now. This city is at the heart of some strange awakening where so many people (especially you who is reading this right now) are on the quest for that elusive something.

Do you agree? Do let me know.