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U-turn Life: Derek Haines, Author & wine lover

The reviewers’ harsh words pierced my heart, and so began my initiation into my ‘All the worlds’ a stage phase.’ A place, where I was my most vulnerable, my soul laid bare for all to see. During this time I read a blog post by Derek Haines. He had some solid advice on how to stay calm and not pay much attention to detractors.

Derek Haines
Derek is an author who lives in Nyon, Switzerland and has many titles to his credit including Louis, February The Fifth, HAL, Dead Men and his latest book, One Last Love. He describes how he came to writing, in his own unique style. 'For some reason, I was created some years ago at the age of 42, and then just started writing stuff down. Notes, useless information, short stories, poetry, songs and anything else one can do with a pencil and piece of paper. Everything however, is a bit of a blur before that. A strange blueish blur in fact.'

Derek is a real interesting Avatar. I confess he seems to have shades of Paulo Coelho too, which is another reason I was curious how he would answer my questions. And so I put him to my ultimate test. Here are his answers.
a. What is your life goal? Quite simple. To keep breathing for as long as possible and make the most of every day. As my life so far has been a continuing series of accidents, u-turns and surprisingly pleasant collisions, I would like to hang  around long enough to experience a lot more of them. 
 b. Do you believe in love at first sight? I used to, and ran around like crazy looking for it in my testosterone driven younger days. Only to discover however that when I did find it, it normally led quite quickly, after a few blissful weeks and a lot of silly smiling, to a series of misunderstandings, tears, crises and over the limit credit card accounts. So I gave up looking many years ago and left the believing to those young enough to want get themselves into a nice little pickle.

 c. What makes you happy? I live in Nyon, a beautiful town on Lake Geneva and with the mountains and forests so close, I only have to look out my window or take a short walk with my dog to know how lucky and happy I am to live here. Also, cooking, food, good wine, good friends and my family make me happy but I could make a list that would be a mile long. A much shorter list would be what makes me unhappy and most of these entries would involve bigotry, intolerance and closed minds. 

 d. The one thing you want to do (or have done) before you die?
I would love to see one of my books turned into a movie. Yes I know, dream on old fella! But you never know what a new day brings, so I'll keep on dreaming. If that fails, I might just settle for writing a book one day that sells enough copies for me to be able to afford more beer and wine.
e. The one clue you want to share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
I tend to side with the notion that trying to find one's true life calling is a bit a waste of energy as one's life calling seems to have the habit of finding you. Sooner or later. In my case it was later, but once writing arrived and knocked on my door, I knew that was it. 

You can find Derek Haines here

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Limitless Life: John Purkiss, headhunter & co-author Brand You

In my writing life I sometimes meet people who seem to have found their space on this planet. In this Insprational Avatar Series I ask them the questions I sometimes ask of myself and my protagonists

John Purkiss is a headhunter and co-author of Brand You has been my sounding-board partner. He helped me find my voice in the blogosphere, thanks to his wicked sense of humour. Here's more from John

a. What is your life goal?
John Purkiss
 I don't have one. If I did, it would be limiting. I am constantly (and pleasantly) surprised by what happens through me when I let go.

b. Do you believe in love at first sight?
 I believe in attraction at first sight. Love is infinitely bigger than that.

c. What makes you happy?
 I enjoy being well-rested, with a clear mind. I enjoy being immersed in some activity that benefits everyone.  I enjoy getting feedback from people who have found our books helpful.

d. The one thing you want to do/ or have done before you die?
 There are many things I would like to do. There's no one thing. The list includes writing another book.  Maybe doing video and/or television. Helping some more high-growth companies to succeed.

e. The one 'clue' you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
 Discover the talents you love to use, when you lose track of time, in a way that benefits other people.

John Purkiss is the co-author of Brand You: The second edition has been revised and expanded in the light of developments in social media. It will be published in August by Pearson (Financial Times/Prentice Hall):

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Portfolio Life: Ashanti Omkar, Tweetspirational media consultant

I first spoke to Ashanti OMkar when we shared a similar life experience. She is one of the most outgoing, gregarious and 'tweet-sperational' people I know. Ashanti is a well known Journalist/Media consultant in the UK. Here is her take on fresh French coffee, magic & her portfolio life.

Ashanti OMkar

a. What is your life goal?
To be happy and seize the day. Carpe diem is the only motto I follow, teamed with a strong belief in God’s path for me, whatever that may be. It unfolds day by day, especially given juggling my health with living to the max.

b. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Up to an extent, yes, as there has to be something in the eyes of the person, which for me is the first captivator into their soul.

Soul food
c. What makes you happy?
Music, laughing with friends and family, the meeting of great minds, good food, embracing the aroma of a new pastures while travelling, fresh ground French pressed coffee and flavour blends, macaroons, embracing new worlds through literature and film, sunshine and glorious nature, as created by God. 

d. The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die?
As I’ve turned my biggest passions into my legacy and body of work, so to speak, there is no such thing as ‘one thing’ - just embracing the day by day, will do for me. Magical things evolve from this.e. The one 'clue' you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
Find what you love and then put all your energies into turning it into a portfolio career. There is a lot of sacrifice involved and the simpler things in life will be the ones to embrace at first, but as you get better at your true calling, you will find that you’re rewarded in ways you never imagined were possible.

You can find Ashanti here

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2020 Life: Becky Walsh, Teacher, Speaker, Leader

Becky drew my attention to the giant hand of meaning pointing to me, asking me to get on with it. And I did with my debut novel.

Becky Walsh has been a teacher, speaker and workshop leader for many years in the field of intuition and spirituality. She is the author of three books and five e-books. Perhaps best known for having presented/ produced her own weekly Radio show on LBC 97.3 a three hour show which enjoyed 97,000 listeners, Becky is now director of an on-line platform for learning. My meeting with Becky resulted in this blog post 

Becky Walsh
a. What is your life goal?
My goal's often change. I'd like to be a catalyst for a change in how we communicate with each other, to use intuition more than ego. I feel there is a shake-up needed in the self-development industry. I'd like to work within a team of people that become what Madonna was to the music industry, what Anita Roderick was to the cosmetic industry and what Louise Hay was to the 
publishing industry. 

 b. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, I believe in fascination and curiosity at first sight. This has happened in my own life and has lead to love, but often your mind fills in the blanks afterwards saying 'I knew' it was love at first sight. But most of us recreate the story of our lives as we live it. Hindsight is 2020 vision.  

c. What makes you happy?
Being with my dog, when a client or friend has a 'got it' break through, when I cross a job off the to-do list.

d. The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die? 
I have spent so much of my life trying to do everything I might ever want to do, I have kind of done too much! If I died tomorrow I would say I have had an amazing life and I am so grateful. 

e. The one 'clue' for anyone trying to find their true calling.
The thing that annoys you the most about life is what you came here to fix. You will see it coming over and over in your own life; it will be the thing that worries you the most about humanity. It 'gets to you' as you play a part in it. It doesn't mean change your career or start a charity. It means don't run away from how it shows up, do small things to change it. Whether that's writing e-mails or raising awareness as you change it in the external world, it will change in your life. Help heal want pains others and it helps heal you.

You can find Becky here

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Soulful Life - Sonia Ducie, Numerologist

It all began when Sonia Ducie read through the first few pages of my novel and loved it. This helped me take the first baby steps in believing in myself as a Author. Here's to you Sonia, thank you for being part of my blog.

Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN is a Numerologist and Author 11 Numerology books. Here are her answers to my five questions.

a. What is your life goal?
My goal is soul - love, light and connection. I make the most of my potential on a daily basis. I aim to do my best and to help others.

b. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in soul recognition - soul mates. Yes some people do instantly recognize the ‘work’ they need to do together.

c. What makes you happy?
 Happiness is fleeting. I do feel joy - the joy of being.  I find joy playing with my friends dog Pi Trotter – he’s gorgeous, intelligent, funny, naughty, playful, cuddly and totally loveable. My greatest joy comes when hearing of humanitarian / world situations that  have healed through cooperation and goodwill. It restores and inspires hope and brings us closer together.

d. The one thing you want to do/ or have done before you die?
 I would like to visit Tibet, China and India, but I’ve been there before (in past lives) so perhaps I will continue to ponder upon the memories.
e. The one 'clue' you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
The greatest gift is to ‘Be Yourself’. When you are at home with the creative spiritual energies flowing through your physical body, all is well.

You can find Sonia here

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Tuned in Life - Gunn Haglund, Weather Girl

Gunn Haglund wears her heart on her sleeve. What you see is what you get. And she has this unwavering conviction, that everything will just turn out alright! Gunn started life as a Weather Girl (no kidding!) With a successful TV career behind her, she is now a much sought after yoga teacher with her own well-being company. Her organisation offers complete mind-body-spirit solutions, to global companies. Here’s Gunn and her instinctive life.

Gunn Haglund
        a. What is your life goal?
        Become enlightened ;- ) As a first and important milestone on the way, I strive for self-contentedness.

b.  Do you believe in love at first sight?
Absolutely. Biological chemistry and spiritual energy. If you are tuned in, you know straight away.

c.  What makes you happy?
The sound of water in a small stream, dogs playing in the park, old people holding hands, the first sip of tea in the morning, walking barefoot in the forest, completing a project, a random person smiling at me on the tube.The list goes on...

d. The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die? 
Spend a year in India, run a hotel/yoga retreat in the countryside, have my own horse(s)!

eThe one 'clue' you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
Cut back on alcohol, sugar and coffee to stop the mind from spinning! Slow down, stop filling every hour of the day with some form of activity. Embrace idleness in your spare-time.

Gunn Haglund, is Director, Planet Energize, a company offering wellbeing programs to global businesses. You can find here here

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