A near life experience told me to write... I never stopped.  
Thanks to technology, you can constantly reinvent yourself in the space of a lifetime. 
These are my roles:

I am the one time-trapped in that sixteen year old rebellious teen I was... 
But was born old, with an uncomfortable insight through which I purvey the world: I obsess often about why we do the things we do. Perhaps, that is why I created Ruby Iyer - she starts out terrified, but then chooses to live life on her own terms. 
The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer debuted #1 Hot New Release on Amazon in Asian Lit.

I also wrote The Destiny of Shaitan - #1 Bombay Chronicles. It went to #2 on the kindle epic fantasy charts, and won gold at the 2013 global eLit awards.

Obviously selfie obsessed:

I am a marketer: have worked with NBCUniversal and MTV 

Can't hide that wide grin 
More likely to be seen like this - a cigar smoking, befuddled writer.

 I also blog for huffingtonpost.co.uk

Really though I just want to be like this #treeoflaxmi - Stay the path... 

I also help London Indian Film Festival, Europe's #1 Festival for Indian Independent Cinema

Reach me @laxmi or on my Facebook page

London is where I create. 
Bombay is what fires my imagination.

A little more about my personal story here

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