A near death experience told me to write... I never stopped.  

Growing up, there were two things I hoped I could do. See the world. And write. Not necessarily in that order, though that's how it unfolded. But what I really want I realise now, is to be free, live, and die, on my own terms. Economic independence, I thought wrongly, is the key to that. Actually it's your mindset that sets you free. 

For life is finite and if you have something that is more vital than life itself; that thing you find when you strip back everything and are poised on the edge of death, then you just have to go after it. That's what I did.

I wrote my first complete book in 2012, and that changed everything. I am currently working on the Ruby Iyer series. More on my books here

I obsess often about why we do the things we do. It's not a good feeling this, trust me!

Love street art. The rawness of these artists always gets me.
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Sometimes I think it's as simple as being like this #treeoflaxmi - Staying the path... 

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