Why do I write?

I had an awesome time launching TV channels for MTV and NBCUniveral (Syfy) around the world, when a near death experience convinced me to get writing, NOW.

My writing helped me understand that my motivation in life is not power or control or career progression in the conventional sense; it's also not always money - though that has its place too. What intrigues me more is this urge to understand myself better. Why I do the things I do and don’t do? Why I react to things in a certain way? What really makes me happy and what gets me down? Realising this, helped me take a leap forward towards answering 'who I am' and 'why I am here.' Questions which I have grappled with since I was very young.  Everything I do now in life links back to answering this question: Is this me? Through my stories I hope I can share my experiences with you and help you find yourself and your true motivations in life too.

A one-time journalist with The Independent, I have since published fast paced action thrillers with a dash of romance and a touch of the fantastical such as the multi award winning The Ruby Iyer Series. Featured among the top five women in media in India Today, I also blog for the Huffington Post, have written for The Guardian and been featured in publications including The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Telegraph and Verve. 

Married to a filmmaker and fellow author, my life often resembles a dramedy of errors film script. A Bombayite by birth, I live in London. I am an avid street art photographer, and the proud owner of a mononym Twitter handle  @laxmi
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